First off, I would like to say congratulations on
your engagement, anniversary, birthday or
whatever special event you are planning.

In my 12 years of hosting private parties I
have learned that each and every event is
special and deserves nothing more then
perfection.  I know not only because I have
DJ'd over 500 weddings and private parties
but because I'm also married.
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I know you have a vision of how your night is going to turn out.  You can
visualize the preparations for the day, the way the hall looks with decoration
and flowers with all of your friends and family gathered in one room.  You can
see your best friends bonding around you with smiles and hugs.  You can
picture all those you have invited gathered together eating a mouth watering
meal, cherishing memories, sharing stories, and making new friendships.  
You can also envision everyone you know on the dance floor dancing,
laughing, talking, and all in celebration of you.  When the night is over, we
want your guests to all be saying the same thing, "That was the best time
we've ever had.  Thank you for inviting us."

I want give that experience to every bride, groom, and guest I have the
pleasure of meeting.  It means so much to know that people are entrusting
me to make a fantastic memory for them and when it happens, there is no
greater joy for me.  To get a hug from a bride, a firm handshake from a
groom and a thank you from all the guests makes everything I do rewarding.

To give a little background on my journey this field of service, I began my
Hosting, Mixing and MC'ing career at the tender age of tender age of 19.  
After my first year of college I was introduced to one of the top rated DJ
companies in the Michigan area and began working along side some of the
number one names in the business.  I was immediately given hands on
training in all aspects of weddings.  Everything from music selection and skills
about how to read a crowd; training in client relations and microphone
technique.  These lessons and skills have been invaluable to me.  Not only in
my DJ career but in my personal and professional life as well.  After 6 months
of training as a music mixer, I started hosting all types of events and quickly
became a top rated host.

After 3 years, I began working with more and more companies and more and
more DJ's.  Learning something new from each and every one.  Now 12
years later and hundreds of events later, I have become known for my
abilities of creating lasting memories.

I look forward to creating a lasting memory for you and all of your friends and
I hope to see you at your next party.
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Garret Urbaniak of Shea Sounds
Garret Urbaniak of Shea Sounds
Garret Urbaniak of Shea Sounds
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