Honing his skills on stages all over the world, as an actor and song-and-dance man,
as a Radio DJ in both New York and Detroit, a syndicated Game Show Host and even
a Circus Ringmaster, Michael has shared his talents with people all across the world
to great praise and applause.

Over the years, Michael's helmed some of the biggest entertainment companies in
state of Michigan, let alone the country. Largely building them himself. His style,
experience and ability have enabled him to train over 250 entertainers and DJ's to
become some of the best in their fields. In fact, elements of his training regimen have
now been incorporated into various Broadcast Arts schools both locally and nationally.

His ability and talent for improvisation, humor and his high-energy style have earned
him an impeccable reputation within the Private Party Industry. His dedication to
continually going above and beyond expectations is what helps to make him an
invaluable asset to any event.

His desire to make every event
"one-of-a-kind," lead him to be a very hands-on
individual with every client.  His voice, charisma and sense of fun will draw your
guests in right at the start. Michael goes to great lengths to involve everyone into the
night. From taking requests at the tables, to finding things like birthdays,
anniversaries, even
creating special moments for you and your guests. Michael will
do everything he can to make sure that your night is one that both you and your
guests will remember for years to come!
Having started in entertainment at an early age, Michael
Shea has built a lengthy career encompassing Stage, Film,
Television, and Radio.

He's travelled the world performing for literally, hundreds of
thousands of people worldwide as an actor, singer, dancer,
comedian and magician. He was drawn into the world of
Private Party Entertainment over 22 years ago and has
averaged a minimum of 100+ events per year ever since.

It's no secret that he loves what he does, though it was his
desire to stress "quality over quantity" and that every client's
event deserves to be unique and special that led him to
found Shea Sounds.
Michael Shea of Shea Sounds leading a crowd
Michael Shea of Shea Sounds
Michael Shea of Shea Sounds
Contact Michael directly at...
Michael Shea of Shea Sounds
Shea Sounds
13760 Talbot
Oak Park, MI 48237
email: info@sheasounds.biz
Michael Shea of Shea Sounds
Michael Shea of Shea Sounds
Michael Shea of Shea Sounds