Another great Shea Sounds party
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Another great Shea Sounds party
Hot Ladies at another hot Shea Sounds party
Hot women at another hot Shea Sounds Party
Michael Shea hosting another great Shea Sounds party
Another great Shea Sounds party
Another great Shea Sounds party
Another great Shea Sounds party
Another great Shea Sounds party
Whether it be a Corporate Party or a Charity Function, a
School Dance or a Social Function, Shea Sounds is the
company for you. Our professionally-trained MC's can
handle every detail of your night.

Shea Sounds has performed at hundreds upon hundreds
of different events, specializing in everything from
elegance to the avant-garde. Remember that all events
are unique, but here are a few basic categories (in no
particular order)...

Par*ty pl. Par*ties n.
1.        A group of people united for some common purpose.
2.        A group of people united in support of a national
political organization.
3.        A gathering to which guests are invited to enjoy one
another’s company.
4.        Any event at which Shea Sounds provides
Shea Sounds can help you plan an event to impress your
clients, motivate and reward your employees, or even just to
have a great time! Our professional Hosts/MC's can take care of
everything from introducing the Board, to running team-building
games, raffles and door prizes, dancing and much, much more.
It's up to you. From a Cocktail Mixer to a High-Energy
Dance-Fest, if you can imagine it, we'll make it happen.
Certain events only happen once in a lifetime. Birthdays and
anniversaries are some of them. How many times will you be
able to say that you've helped create a memory that will last
forever for your loved ones? With Shea Sounds, each and
every time! Perhaps it's a Sweet 16th Birthday, 50th
Anniversary or any in-between. We make each and every event  
perfect for you, your friends and family, time and time again.
Proms are the social highlight of the year and can live forever in
the memories of party-goers. As such, each and every one is
treated by our Hosts as the unique and special event that it is.
We'll work with your school to create an event that is tailored to
appeal to everyone, both kids and parents alike. Our music,
lights and Hosts will keep your class dancing all night long and
will make yearbook memories for years to come!
These coming-of-age moments are ones that can never be
replaced and should be treated with the care and respect that
they deserve. From the Motze to the Candle-Lighting, The Hora
and more, we shape our entertainment to fit your theme and
make sure that all of our parties are "Family Friendly,"  including
all of the traditions, music and fun that will make sure that your
son or daughter's party is the night of a lifetime.
13760 Talbot
Oak Park, MI 48237