Shea Sounds Weddings
With over 22 years of Wedding experience,
Shea Sounds is committed to giving you one thing...

Your Wedding...Your Way.

Our ability to customize every detail makes sure
that we deliver the wedding of your dreams, making
it a night that you will remember for the rest of your

Our hosts have been professionally trained to MC
all of your special moments. Such as...
Shea Sounds Weddings
Michael Shea and Bride at a Shea Sounds Wedding

  • The Grand Introductions
  • The Cake Cutting
  • The Toasts
  • The Bridal Dance
  • The Bridal Party Dance
  • The Parent Dances
  • The Bouquet and Garter Tosses
  • Dollar Dances
* Subject to availability of requests, appropriate advance notice and time-restrictions at the event.
Not only will our Hosts
provide your event with
all of the class and elegance
that it deserves, but will also give
you all of the fun and excitement
that you want!

Our individualized style of party
hosting is unlike anything you've
ever seen. Through music,
motivation and your dreams and
desires, Shea Sounds will make
sure that YOUR wedding reception
is a one-of-a-kind event that both
you and your guests will remember
for years to come!
Shea Sounds Weddings
At Shea Sounds, our unique system
allows you to customize your Host's
performance, tailoring such things as
the level of interaction, motivation and

Our "Unlimited Music Policy
* " let's you
pick the music you want to hear, with no
risk of hearing what you don't.
Michae Shea and the Bridal Party at a Shea Sounds Wedding
Shea Sounds
13760 Talbot
Oak Park, MI 48237