About Shea Sounds Party Entertainment
Shea Sounds has always prided itself on providing only the
finest in party entertainment. Our ability to customize the
level of performance for every event means that you can be
assured that your party will be a one-of-a-kind, unique
experience for both you and your guests. Whether you're
looking for something elegant, structured, high-energy,
improvisational or any mix in-between, Shea Sounds has
the right style for you.

We allow YOU to break-down the style, level of interaction
and the whole personality of your host, making sure that
everything is exactly how you want it.

Our commitment to a high-level of personal attention to ALL
of our clients ensures that every detail you need to make
your event perfect, is taken care of by our professional staff
of veteran hosts.

When it comes to music, we have a library of thousands
upon thousands of songs. It's our
that sets us apart though. If you want it, we'll have it
This makes sure that you and your guests will be dancing
all night long to the music
you love best!

Our sound systems and light shows are all professional,
state-of-the-art equipment, designed to provide the best
sound and atmosphere to fit your event.

We've always based our services on providing the highest
quality service and one-on-one communication with our
clients to ensure that your night will be one to remember for
years to come! Let us show you that your party means just
as much to us as it does to you.

For Weddings, Corporate Events and everything else
in-between, Shea Sounds has the right pricing to fit every
budget. Our goal has always been "Quality over Quantity."
You'll never get lost in the shuffle. Whatever your event,
Shea Sounds is the right company for you!
Welcome To
Shea Sounds
With over 22 years of experience and 3000+ events, Shea Sounds is
committed to giving you the finest in Private Party Entertainment.

It's our promise to make
your  event the greatest night of your life.

Whether it be a Wedding, a Corporate Event, a Birthday Party or just
a get-together of family and friends, Shea Sounds can provide the
perfect entertainment for any occasion.
From small to large, intimate to extravagant, Shea
Sounds can make your event the best night ever.
With fully customizable details from start to finish, we
specialize in creating the perfect party for both you
and your guests.
Shea Sounds will provide all the class and elegance
that your night deserves, as well as all of the
high-energy party excitement that you want. The
decision is up to you. With our unique "Party Profile
Questionnaire," you determine the performance and
style of your Party Host to match exactly what you
Shea Sounds has built it's reputation by providing
only the finest entertainment for events of any and all
types. It's up to you. Our professionally trained,
veteran Party Hosts will make sure that your party
will be everything you want it to be and more!
No matter the event, no matter the details, Shea
Sounds can handle it all. We'll help you plan out
every detail for your night. Making sure that you have
a perfect night is our primary concern. It's what we
strive for with every event. With Shea Sounds, it's
always been "Quality over Quantity." Every client is
treated as if they are the "most important client in
the world." Because, honestly, to us...
Shea Sounds
919 S. Main Street
Royal Oak, MI  48067
email: info@sheasounds.biz
Kopas' wedding as hosted by Shea Sounds
Kopas' wedding as hosted by Shea Sounds
Kopas' wedding as hosted by Shea Sounds
Rebecca Kopas' wedding as hosted by Shea Sounds
Shea Sounds Party Entertainment
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